GOLF Playing Tips And Guidelines

Golf is a basically an outdoor game. To play this game the player does not need a standardised playing spot.

Golf Playing Tips

Golf is usually played on a golf course. The golf course usually consists of a prearranged sequence of either 9 or 18 "holes." Each hole on the golf course should hold a "tee box" to start from, and a "putting green" which contains the actual hole. Golf competition is normally played for the lowest sum of strokes by an individual, known basically as stroke play, or the lowest score on the majority individual holes during a full round by a person or team, recognised as match play.

Golf game is a precision club and ball activity in which the rival troupes (or golfers) use several types of clubs to hit the golf balls into a chain of small pot holes on a track using the smallest number of strokes. By following certain tips one can become a good player of golf. A golf usually course consists of a sequence of successive pot holes, each with a teeing land so as to set off by two different markers showing the boundaries of the legal tee region, fairway, uneven and bumpy grounds. There is also a putting green surrounded by the fringe with the pin and cup.

The pin is normally a common flagstick. The different quantity of grass present on the ground are generally varied to increase the level of difficulty during the game, or to permit for putting in the container case of the green.

Though many of the small pot holes are usually designed with a straight line-of-sight from the teeing area to the green, a number of holes may bend either towards the right or to the left. Stroke playing is an art and is the most important aspect in the Golf. It must be learnt carefully we must learn the correct art and know the secret to the distance and accuracy to become a good golfer. You should never confuse with your stroking style.

You should follow the stroking style and configure it according to your physical fitness. A golfer must have a good timing and a perfect balance of the swing. The sun does not need to be very fast. Instead it can be slow with a constant tempo. You should try shifting on your right side to take the correct position. Your correct position will always produce a good swing. Your natural motion usually produces good swings. There are three points which are usually seen in a good swing in the stroke play.

(1) A clubhead which lags behind the hands for a long duration in the downswing;
(2) A consistent swinging path through the ball; and
(3) A square clubface at the final blow.

Stroke play is the most frequently seen format at almost all the complex levels of the game. Besides learning to stroke well you should also work on your physical fitness. Some golf instructors will advise you the cause that the physical problems and restrict your body turn during the backswing. A lot of beginners of golf are usually not able to make a full and complete athletic run. This refrains them from making a perfect contact with the golf ball.